Gráficas Salaet

It is dedicated to the manipulation of paper and cardboard for the food industry, paying particular attention to the products innovation and given to the customers an unequalled service and quality.

The company was founded in 1965 and since then it has been always ahead of the market requirement, evolving in pro of new concepts for the future. Its installations are in 60000 m2, the company has the departments for printing, paraffine, metallic and complex.

Gráficas Salaet manufacture baking cups for muffins, trays and plates of different types of cardboard, paper doilies, kraft of cellulose paper bags, cardboard cakeboards, brick cardboard trays and plates, reels for automatic lines for food-processing industry, round baking trays, fluting baking trays.

To reach a perfect final product is very important the selection of the best raw material and the latest technique in manufacture, factors that guarantee quality, service and price. With the experience, reliability and recognition of all customers, the company has achieved a leadership position that make the firm commit to keep improving.